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Buy One Give OneBuy 1 Give 1

Wildfern NZ is proud to be a member of Buy One Give One (B1G1).

Every time you buy a bottle of Wildfern, you provide a day's pure safe drinking water for a person in Africa - no middle men - no commissions -100% from you to them.

Why do we do this?

As the singer Bob Marley said "The people trying to make the world a worse place don't take a day off."

Through B1G1, we figure we are helping make the world a better place 24/7 – not taking even a second off - because it happens automatically, even when we and you are asleep.

Please check out B1G1's website to see the great work they are doing, through people like you buying what you would buy anyway. The world needs positive energy right now, to move to a better place, not a worse place - help make it happen; help make the world a better place – it costs you nothing! It gives something beyond price.