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Our Vision

our-vision-1.jpgOur aim is for the Wildfern brand to be known throughout Australasia as synonymous with excellence in product quality and service.

We wish to lead the liqueur sector in attaining premium status, just as the wine industry has evolved over the last 20 years or so - for NZ made liqueurs to be as highly regarded and promoted within the hospitality industry as NZ wines are.

We aim to help restore a sense of pride in New Zealand; to inspire New Zealanders to:

  • Pursue excellence in all things
  • Have confidence and faith
  • Be an inspiration to others
  • Take control of their own destiny
  • Take control of New Zealand's destiny

We will set high goals, achieve and celebrate them, and then set even higher goals - and have a great time along the way.

Corporate Integrity

In a world where we see corporate greed and corruption we also see businesses committed to ethical and sustainable practices.

Wildfern NZ will operate on an ethical and sustainable basis. We seek to set a positive example of corporate responsibility and contribution to society's well-being.

Wildfern New Zealand will:

  • act ethically at all times
  • contribute to the NZ economy
  • contribute to communities and society
  • promote "buy New Zealand made"
  • work towards sourcing our coffee through 'fair trade' registered suppliers
  • not use aspartame, but a safe natural sweetener, should we make low calorie drinks in future
  • continue to use unfluoridated water for its products

Wildfern - more than just liquor

The Wildfern brand has been trademarked for foodstuffs as well as liquor. We have developed Turkish Delight based on suitable products in the Wildfern range, and plan to develop liqueur chocolates.

We intend to develop both premium RTDs of our best shaker and cocktail recipes, and non-alcholic versions of these.